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Things to Know

10 Questions to Ask Your Insurance Agent

Shopping for insurance or trying to analyze different insurance proposals? If so, to follow is a list of questions you should DEFINITELY ask your agent when discussing your property & casualty insurance policy. To a knowledgeable agent, these questions can be easily explained or answered.

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Clarifying a Complex Decision… Choosing Your Insurance Agent & Policy

We all have to purchase insurance and none of us like paying for it! But we all know we need it…

As most pawnbrokers have experienced, it is not easy to find an insurance agent with a lot of knowledge in providing the proper coverage for your type of business. This is due to most companies not offering coverage or understanding your business operations.

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Admitted, Non-Admitted Market… What Does This Mean Anyway?

And what about Alien Insurance Companies, Foreign Insurers, Admitted Standard Market, and Non-Admitted or Surplus Lines…

What do all of these words really mean?

How do they AFFECT you?

What are YOUR RIGHTS in securing coverage through these markets?

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Understanding Insurance 101!

Insuring your property to value is important and will offer you the best protection in the event of a loss!

Want to insure for MORE THAN LOAN VALUE plus interest on pawn goods or COST on your own goods up for sale? You can!! You decide… You can insure your PAWN goods for MARKET VALUE, similar to a wholesale replacement cost value or 2, 3 even 4 times your loan value plus interest. This same option is available for your own goods.

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Loss Prevention – Are you prepared?

Daytime Crimes… Shoplifting, Grab and Runs, Messenger and Armed Robberies!

Did you know that most losses occur when a business is open? Well, the truth is, more than half of the claims submitted against a jewelers block policy consist of shoplifting, grab and run thefts, messenger losses, and armed robberies. So now we understand that these are common losses that can occur during business hours… What can we do to prevent these?

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